About World Skull Base Foundation

World Skull Base Foundation is a platform for both patients and professionals involved with Skull Base pathosis. The primary objective of WSBF is two-fold. Firstly, to provide support to patients suffering with skull base disorders. Secondly, to bring together professionals involved with treatment of such pathologies to promote research, best practices and training in the subspecialty. WSBF brings together a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, Head & Neck surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeons, Radiotherapists, Chemotherapists, Speech & Language Pathologists and other support staff who voluntarily take time off their busy schedules to help WSBF achieve both the above mentioned objectives. WSBF physicians offer online consultations to patients who wish to have a first or a second opinion. They also suggest innovative, individually tailored treatments for all types of tumors and other cranial nerve disorders. Our team of physicians interact on a regular basis to discuss treatment approaches for new patients as well as review complex cases. A combination of specialists identified such as neurosurgeons, radiation therapists, otolaryngologists, radiation and medical oncologists, head and neck surgeons work to provide coordinated care to treat patients' ailments.

This apart, the WSBF website offers a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics related to skull base disorders. WSBF has recently launched its flagship programme, the ‘communities programme’ wherein patients and support staff can join in online chat forums related to their diseases. Our support programs are designed to help patients, their families and caregivers to cope with the challenges of skull base tumor diagnosis.

World Skull Base Academy

The World Skull Base Academy is a body that assumes the role of undertaking academic activities including drawing up curriculums in Skull Base Pathosis and planning online & offline teaching activities. It also has the mandate to undertake policy decisions including drawing up protocols, standards and rules for structured training programmes in the subspecialty of Skull Base Surgery. World Skull Base Academy will register professionals, centers and organisations under its banner thereby creating a worldwide network of integrated specialists dealing with Skull Base Pathosis.

World Skull Base Conferences

The World Skull Base Conferences is envisaged to enhance networking between professionals related to the treatment of Skull Base Pathosis. The WSB Conference links professionals, centers and organisations related to the subspecialty of Skull Base Surgery. The conference will have its own office bearers appointed by the World Skull Base Academy. The conference organisers will undertake conferences and meetings in various parts of the world.

World Skull Base ‘Flying Team’

World Skull Base ‘Flying Team’ involves a group of doctors who have volunteered to undertake international tours to treat and train in skull base pathosis. This team of highly qualified doctors and highly sought after speakers accept invitations to operate in other places or to train other doctors by conducting courses and workshops. The World Skull Base 'Flying Team' believes in the concept of team approach that allows to select the best surgical approach for each tumor, with a surgical plan tailored to the particular needs of the individual patient. Treatment is designed to offer the best surgical outcome with the least side effects and maximum preservation of function. A full array of transcranial approaches, minimally invasive key-hole approaches and endoscopic endonasal approaches are routinely applied with proven and studied success. This team also routinely organises or participates in training programmes for professionals. The members of the team involve themselves in teaching and demonstrating cadaveric dissections and / or live surgeries.

World Skull Base Centers

The World Skull Base Centers are also major teaching destinations for surgeons and other health care professionals looking to learn more about various surgical techniques in the subspecialty of Skull Base Surgery. The World Skull Base Foundation organises University accredited Fellowship Courses in both Lateral and Anterior Skull Base Surgeries.

Organisational Structure